Youth training program

Youth training program

The Romanian Farmers Club launches the training program addressed to your children, the members of the Club, which aims to put into operation a mechanism that will contribute to the training, motivation and support of young people in their careers.

The training sessions and experience exchanges are dedicated to topics that matter in your business: legislative, fiscal, technology, management, negotiation, marketing, promotion, European policy (CAP).

Through this program, the Club wants to get involved in a problem that affects all members: the need for trained, skilled, motivated, stable and proactive people.

The motivation for launch, the objectives and the structure of the programcandidate selection calendar and the scheduling of internships are presented in the program brochure.

The Club’s action also has a responsible role: we start by preparing our successors in ensuring business continuity, but also those who represent our interests towards the public authorities in Romania and Brussels (the Commission and the European Parliament) that decide the policy and the programs European agriculture.

We want to support the good understanding of the future generation of efficient farmers in the priority directions of development of European agriculture and the mechanisms for efficient use of European programs, both through internships in the structures of the public administration in Bucharest and Brussels, and through direct involvement in concrete projects in the legal, tax, technological and marketing fields.

All future participants in the training sessions are part of farmers ‘families, grew up with the parents’ business, which today is a performance model. We want to help young people remain attached to the values ​​and principles of Romanian agriculture, to be those who will support the permanent modernization, which will promote the Romanian interests in the future at European level.

We hope that the initiative of the Romanian Farmers Club will benefit from your support. We look forward to submitting your recommendations for candidates to this program at

Click here to download the registration form.

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