For performant agriculture
For performant agriculture


Romanian agriculture, a reference model for European agriculture!


About Us

Romanian farmers ‘ Club for agricultural performance is a non-profit and non-governmental association of Farmers in Romania.

The members of the organization are performant farmers who have business models based on innovation, technology and best practices in agriculture, in order to increase competitiveness and added value in this field.






3.2 Mil.

Hectares Great culture


Implemented projects

€23 Mil.

Investments in farms


We are glad to hear about the outcome of the vote in the April 2 meeting of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (COMAGRI) in the European Parliament.

The club wants to get involved in a problem that affects all of its members: the need for trained, skilled, motivated, stable and proactive employees.

Digital Technologies such as artificial intelligence (IA), robotics, blockchains, high-performance computing System (HPC), Internet of Objects (IoT) and 5G have the potential to increase the efficiency of agriculture, improving economic sustainability and Organic.

Through subsidies to farmers, the CAP is concerned with the “constant and affordable supply of high-quality, sustainable food for over 500 million Europeans, while respecting animal health and welfare requirements, environmental protection and food security” .

Phil Hogan highlighted the European Commission’s interest in increasing support for young farmers.



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